Has The Pandemic Forced You To Reschedule Your Wedding? Here Are 3 Tips To Getting The Best Wedding Possible

Whenever you turn on your TV or open your cell phone, you’ll find a headline about the latest effect of COVID-19.

At this point, we’ve had to embrace that this is what our world now looks like — and it’ll be like this for at least another 18 months.

While sports, concerts, and even some jobs were canceled, many people were still able to live a pretty normal life. However, for people that were on the cusp of getting married the pandemic was an annoying inconvenience.

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Lots of wedding plans had to be scrapped, re-worked, and reduced because of the restrictions that countries have had to enforce, and if you live in the greater Toronto area, some of these restrictions are still in place!

As such, some couples have decided to wait until the restrictions are completely lifted and maybe an approved vaccine has been released until they plan again. The truth is that it’s very taxing to hire a wedding planner and not have the assurance that your wedding date is secure!

Follow these three tips to ensure that you save yourself from disappointment and heartache:

While this may sound strange, a large wedding hall is the best way to ensure that you can successfully enforce social distancing without skimping on the number of guests you want to have.

By doing this, you’re taking into account the safety of your guests and at the same time getting to spend that special moment with all the people you care about.

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2. Get a reputable wedding planner to help you plan

As you may know by now, wedding planners are expensive! While they help you ensure that your wedding is as memorable as possible, having a direct link to a reputable wedding hall is good. It saves you from having to pay the middle man.

Additionally, a good wedding hall will provide you with experienced wedding consultants as part of the facility package. With this type of personnel on staff, you’ll have access to everything that you need to make your day as special as possible.

3. Give yourself decor options

The decor is critical to a wedding. What the pandemic has done is to decrease the time frame in which you can view different themes and decide which is best for you. If you get access to a few wedding halls that offer various themes — seriously consider them. While it might not be what you envisioned, you might find something that’s very close and easy to put together.

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While these tips are great, there are many more things to consider if you’re getting married in the Greater Toronto Area. If you need professional help and access to a beautiful and reputable wedding hall, Chateau Le Jardin has got you covered!



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